Inglês Gramática


  • nouns (substantivo) : apple, door, traffic
  • verbs (verbos): go, have, fee
  • l adjectives (adjetivos): beautiful, hot, hungry
  • adverbs (advérbios): often, always, careful
  • prepositions (preposições): at, on, in
  • pronouns (pronomes): you, she, me, her
  • articles (artigos): the (definite article), a, an (indefinite articles)


Since X For :

  • Since: from a specific time in the past. eg: He's been in prison since 1981.
  • For: indicating a length of time. eg: He's been in prison for 20 years.

In time X On time:

  • In time means not late. eg: Don't worry! You'll be in time to catch that plane
  • On time means neither late nor early. eg: The plane arrived exactly on time: at 9 p.m.
  • Prepositions of time:
  • at: at ten o'clock, at midnight, at Christmas, at night
  • on: on Sunday, on Monday morning, on Christmas day, on March 13th, on my birthday, on the following day
  • in: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in December


Prepositions of place:

  • at: at a point, at a place. eg: We alwaysmeet at the bus stop. She is at work. I live at 63 Percy Road.
  • on: on a surface. eg: They are siting on the floor. The books are on the shelf.
  • in: in an area or space. eg: The wallet is in my bag. Poland is in Europe. She is in the bedroom.



  • you dream about something/somebody (not with)
  • you worry about things or people (not with)
  • you spend money on something (not with)
  • you are similar to another person (not with)


Negative prefixes:

  • possible - impossible
  • friendly - unfriendly
  • responsible - irresponsible
  • honest - dishonest
  • legal - ilegal
  • correct - incorrect


At the moment X In a moment:

  • at the moment : right now. eg: She can't speak to you at the moment, she's taking a shower.
  • in a moment : very soon. eg: She'll see you in a moment.

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